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You can check for Head and neck cancer

In the game of cricket each kind of player requires different specifications for their footwear. A batsman and a bowler have different expectations of their cricket shoes. One thing you should keep in mind Andy King Jersey , whether you are a batsmen or a bowler, is comfort. The cricket shoes you purchase should assist in improving your performance and not hampering it.

Terms you need to know:

There are some terms you need to know when talking about cricket shoes. These are the upper (the top of the shoe that wraps all around your foot); the outsole (the outer covering of the shoe) the heel and the mid sole. Senior as well as junior cricket shoes are comprised of the same components. You need to have a proper understanding of how each feature of your cricket shoe helps you perform.


They require an upper that allows them to move across the crease quickly but also protects them from cricket balls aimed at their feet. The outsole of the cricket shoes must have a strong grip which helps them run faster to score runs. Batsmen need the kind of heel for their shoes which provides a snug fit and does not irritate their feet while they move around the crease. A bouncy midsole not only helps the batsmen score singles easily but also helps the cricket shoes be more comfortable during long innings. Nike cricket shoes have a large variety of shoes available designed consistently to provide ultimate comfort and performance to cricketers.


A bowler requires an upper that doesn’t irritate their toes when they hit the pitch hard. The outsole needs to provide grip so that when the bowler plants his first foot forward, their cricket shoes won’t slip across the crease. They require a secure heel that doesn’t move when they land their foot during a delivery. A bowler requires enough cushioning in his shoes to help him run faster on the pitch without his feet aching. A bowler needs shoes that help him move across the field without difficulty, so that bowling and fielding for long durations do not tire him easily. E.g. - Adidas cricket shoes have been specially designed to support and cushion the bowler’s feet providing better transition during jumping and bowling.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists who have to undergo almost four years of training in dental education along with postgraduate studies of another four years or even more as in-hospital resident surgeons. Thus, you can ensure that they have proper knowledge in this field and can provide you with accurate and efficient services. They are trained uniquely in order to perform surgeries on hard (cartilage and bone) and soft tissues (muscle and skin) of the maxillofacial area.

Advantages of Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery has become quite common over the past few years and it is widely preferred as the best mode for teeth extraction, including impacted wisdom teeth. Generally, there is no limitation of the surgery. If you have been suffering from injured tooth, which is beyond repair, then this surgery can help you to a large extent. Again, it can take care of irreparable gum decay and disease or decay of wisdom teeth that need to be removed due to impaction or malposition. Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon can also handle dental implants.

Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon is trained to take care of surgical and diagnosis of oral problems, bone grafts, corrective jaw surgery, apicoectomy, anesthesia, TMJ disorder, etc. Below you can get a quick glance on the different procedures mentioned above.

Dental Implants

This has become a common procedure for replacing the missing teeth or offer stability to a newexisting denture. These procedures are generally performed by oral surgeons and there are various techniques for handling the same. The techniques may vary a bit, depending on the training and qualification of the surgeon.

Tooth Extractions:

It is known for being a commonly recognized oral and maxillofacial surgery process. There may be a number of reasons behind it, which are discussed below:

• The primary tooth which did not fall out with the growing time, preventing eruption of the permanent teeth

• Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth

• Root fracture of teeth, which is difficult to repair

• Tooth decay which can worsen with time and difficult to take care of with a common dentist visit

There are numerous other procedures that are associated with the oral and maxillofacial surgery field. So, if you are suffering from any kind of problem stated above or something which is not being able to recover with the help of your local dentist, then without any delay visit Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon today. Online consultation service is also available so before approaching you can also have a free consultation with an oral surgeon from your home.

If you have been suffering from cancer or tumor in neck or head region, then go for Head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria. They can provide you with proper service, ensuring hundred percent accuracy and efficiency.

You can check for Head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria online. You may come across various surgeons, but it is essential that you choose one who has a good reputation and highly qualified.

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