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President Jacob Zuma said in a statement

Power outage is becoming increasing normal in our lives. While we can withstand the inconvenience of total darkness in our houses Authentic Jaden Schwartz Jersey , the price of it becomes critical for our business. This can prove pivotal and tragic if the critical functions of your business are dependent on electricity for instance like that of hospitals, data centers, commercial retailers Authentic Vladimir Tarasenko Jersey , etc. The problem can be easily taken care of by getting a backup generator to ensure continuity of electricity.

However, simply deciding on the generator is not enough. You also need to decide whether you want to install a <"http:www.bladespowergeneration.comanual-changeover-bypass-transfer-switches-for-generators">manual transfer switch or an automatic switch. Transfer switches are electrical switches that help in switching loads between two sources.

How does automatic transfer switch differ from the manual switch?

When you use a <"http:www.bladespowergeneration.co4-pole-manual-changeover-switch-100-amp-steel-case">manual changeover switch, you require a person to manually execute the switching from grid power to generator power whenever a power outage takes place. Again Cheap Jaden Schwartz Jersey , when the grid power is restored, it must be switched back manually. However, with automatic switches Cheap Vladimir Tarasenko Jersey , the entire process is controlled by a computer through its special circuitry. This becomes critical and heavenly when a minute of power loss could have serious consequences or one has multiple generators to service numerous buildings.

Factors to consider when deciding on the switch type

Deciding on the type is critical for your business especially if your business is the type of data center or similar type where continuity of electricity is critical. Each of the switches has its own pros and cons. Thus, when you are choosing between the two, you must consider where they would fit in your design and the function they would serve. Here are some characteristics and considerations which would help you choose between the two –

Switching Speed

The speed with which the switch restores the electricity by switching from the grid power to the back power decides the disturbance that your equipment and units have to bear. The same holds true when reconnecting back to the grid power. Definitely Jaden Schwartz Jersey , automatic switches are faster than the manual ones. Even in automatic types, there are varied types with varying speeds. Hence it must be considered accordingly.

Design complexity

The automatic switches are more complex than the manual switches and have more components. Thus their chances of failure or rising to false alarm are also considerable. Manual switches are much more reliable in this regard.


Each switch has a limitation of transferring electricity through it which would play an important factor in your total electricity requirement needs.


Because of greater complexity and switching speed, automatic switches are costlier than the manual ones.

These are just a few considerations. Remember Vladimir Tarasenko Jersey , a bad decision will not only break your bank but it can also mean doom for your business.

Faster isn’t always better

One very interesting conclusion about switches in some white papers is that it is good to have a mix of single and double-corded equipment. For enhanced reliability, many businesses are opting for two cords connected to two redundant power supplies. Thus, even if one cord suffers an outage St. Louis Blues T-Shirts , the alternative supply can easily be connected through the other cord. This ensures continuity of electric supply.

However, not everybody can find it feasible to install two cords. Here the solution can be a power transfer switch which can switch between two power buses, thereby eliminating the need of redundant power supplies.

If you have decided in getting an emergency to safeguard your business St. Louis Blues Hoodie , you must realize that generators are extremely beneficial for those businesses which require a constant electricity supply. Equally critical is the choice of right type of switches. Thus, even before you decide on the generator, it’s best to consult an expert on the type of switch arrangement that would be ideal for your business. The right switch type and its correct design plan will ensure your business barely bear the brunt of any power outage.

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