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Zhang won a bronze medal on Wednesday in 10 Miguel Sano Jersey ,000m barefoot after her right-foot sneaker had been stripped off when her follower stepped on her heel in the middle of the race. The 25-year-old held on to finish about 5,000 meters with just one shoe on. The right foot was full of bloody blisters at the moment she crossed the finish line.

"The team doctor has been taking care of my foot injury and the wounds have almost healed, so I decided to take part in the half marathon as planned," said Zhang.

"The doctor suggested to attach a bondage to the foot Max Kepler Jersey , but I refused for the sake of discomfort in race."

Recalling the 10,000m competition, Zhang said: "I had not been thinking much at the moment when I lost the right shoe. What's in my mind was I need to take the race seriously and I should not drop out half way just for that."

Zhang overtook a couple of Japanese runners, who occupied the places from two to four Matt Belisle Jersey , in a time of one hour 15 minutes and 6 seconds, followed by Nanako Kanno in 1:15:24 and Ayumi Uehara in 1:15:35.

"Reading the startlist, it's quite clear that the Japanese were aiming at the team title. They are much stronger overall than the other teams, so I told myself to catch up with them and try to match my person best Kirby Puckett Jersey ," said Zhang.

"In the last five kilometers, I decided to overtake them taking my advantage on the slope section for I found they're not quite good at slope climing.

"Later I found I came forward a little bit early, for the slope is so challenging later and so hard for me either, but I had to keep going until to the finish."

Zhang has just graduated from her master degree the year and remains in her school as a trainer in the sports competition department in China's Tianjin Normal University.

"As a student Kent Hrbek Jersey , I usually attend class in the morning and take training in the afternoon, then I continue my class in the evening," said Zhang.

"I started to train on long-distance running when I was 15. At first, I felt it's boring and I took the training as a burden. I need to see training as my task every day Kennys Vargas Jersey ," said she. "In the recent years, I take it as a hobby and I kind of enjoy it. I feel relaxed and pleasant in my training, then it turns out my time keeps improving. I think that's what we say effectiveness comes from good mood."

Comparing the two medals, Zhang values her bronze in the 10 Justin Morneau Jersey ,000m even more valuable than the gold. "The bronze out of 10,000m is the most important medal of my life. I think I will not be afraid of any difficulty in the future," said Zhang. "When the hard time comes, I think I can overcome it by recollecting my experience on the 10 Jose Berrios Jersey ,000m track of Gwangju Universiade."

TOKYO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Japan's current account surplus contacted for the first time in eight months in January owing to a rebound in crude oil prices and a widening trade deficit, the Finance Ministry said Wednesday,

According to the ministry, the surplus in one of the widest gauges of a country's international trade stood at 65.5 billion yen (575 million U.S. dollars) in the reporting period.

Japan has logged a current account surplus for the 31st month in a row, the ministry said.

With the value of goods being imported growing more than those being exported, the goods trade registered a deficit of 853.4 billion yen, the ministry's preliminary data showed. Shipments from Japan may have also been impacted by the Lunar New Year holiday.

Crude oil imports jumped 35.7 percent in the reporting month, while coal imports surged 52.3 percent in value, the ministry's latest report showed.

Japan is still heavily reliant on oil imports, owing to most of the nation's nuclear power stations still being offline following the world's worst commercial nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011.

The finance ministry said the surplus in the primary income account, which reflects how much Japan earns from foreign investments, contracted 5.4 percent to 1.27 trillion yen in the recording period.

Japan's primary account reveals the amount Japan earns from its investments made overseas.

Japan's current account surplus, however, is one of the the broadest measure of its trade with the rest of the world and the data is keenly eyed by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the finance ministry ahead of new potential policy changes or monetary easing or tapering measures.

In Japan, the current account surplus increases the nation's net foreign assets by the corresponding amount, and a current account deficit does the reverse.

Both the Japanese government and private payments are included in the calculation and it is called the current account because goods and services are generally consumed in the current period.

Positive net sales by Japan abroad generally contributes to a current account surplus and because exports generate positive net sales.

The trade balance is typically the largest component of the current account and a current account surplus is usually associated with positive net exports.

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