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BEIJING Shawn Kemp Jersey , Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The West's relentless disparagement of the Sochi Olympics has been all too familiar even prior to its opening on Friday, which was supposed to be a sporting event but suffered identical political finger-pointing as Beijing did six years ago.

The rhetoric was old-fashioned but not unexpected: alleged corruption, overrunning costs and human rights infringements. That is despite opinion polls, notably one by Gallup, produced headlines like ""Russians See Gold in Sochi Olympic Games.""

China also witnessed overwhelming domestic support for the 2008 Olympics, but no matter Russell Westbrook Jersey , as Western media bombarded Beijing with negative coverage at the time. The pattern was obvious: play down the consensus and whip up differences when there is ideological or political distance between the West and the Olympic host country.

Granted, the Olympics cannot but put a spotlight on its host, and Sochi is clearly not without headaches. So was Beijing, London, and probably in two years Rio de Janeiro.

However, to magnify troubles under a microscope and pin political tails with a less than glorious agenda is unbefitting for the grand Games. In fact Raymond Felton Jersey , it appears opportunistic, albeit habitual given the West's track record.

""The Olympics are about building bridges to bring people together,"" International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said wisely at the opening ceremony. ""They are not about erecting walls to keep people apart. Embrace human diversity and unity.""

Such was the spirit Chinese President Xi Jinping carried to Sochi. It is customary for the Chinese people to offer congratulations upon their neighbors' joyous occasions, Xi said.

China firmly supports Russia in holding the Games, not only manifesting China's respect for sportsmanship and the Olympic ideals, but also providing a timely vote of confidence in a close neighbor and friend.

Such principles Ray Allen Jersey , promulgated in China's ""new pattern of relationships between major countries,"" should apply to other international affairs beyond the Sochi Olympic Games.

In stark contrast, Euro-Atlantic leaders have shied away from appearances at the Olympic spectacle to avoid what would - or would not - be characterized as guilt by association. Apparently, politics rather than humanity was on their minds.

Many, including our friends at The Economist, have stoked the memory of the 1980 Moscow Olympics Paul George Jersey , taking pains to remind the world of the so-called international hostilities evidenced by the absence of a number of heads of state - but not their teams.

The comparison has been revealing. Thirty-four years later, it turns out, Cold-War mentality is alive and well in the West.

Despite the uproar, the Games have now officially kicked off with spectacular music and dance lighting up Sochi.

""Soon enough, attention will turn to the athletes and competition, as it should Patrick Patterson Jersey ,"" The Wall Street Journal opined in a Friday editorial after disparaging the event at length. If only it could have turned sooner.

" Professional golfers are good at making the golf swing look simple and easy. However, this is far from the reality of it

Professional golfers are finally looking at themselves for what they are - athletes. That's right, golfers are athletes. And, fitness is paramount to performing well. Golfers simply play better when they are in better shape.

So You Want To Start Entering Golf Tournaments?

Competition can bring out the very best in us, and the very worst.

And when it comes to golf, it is probably the most psychologically impacting sport in existence. No other sport requires so much of your mental clarity and attitude than golf does.

Competition Takes Sharp Focus

When you compete in a golf tournament Kyle Singler Jersey , regardless of what level you're playing at, the last thing you want to do is choke up in front of other people.

Think about it! Imagine yourself in that position. That is a lot of pressure. It can literally play mind games on yourself.

Once a little bit of doubt creeps into your head, the next thing you realize is that your typically easy tee shot is now slicing off less than 50 yards away, while all of the other players tee offs are headed towards the 200 yard mark, going perfectly straight down the

You'll have to keep in mind that golf is a mind game. You'll always attract the kind of shots which relate to what you are thinking about, or how you are feeling.

If you nervously step up to the ball with fears and doubts running through your head Kevin Hervey Jersey , the chances are high that you will hit a bad shot.

This "law of attraction" works equally well when you feel good about your game. If you feel assured, confident, and are in your comfort zone, success will be second nature. Having this type of confidence for making each shot has the tendency to send a calming feeling over your entire body and ease your mind. You just step up, take your swing, and watch proudly as the ball sails away towards its target.

The Pressure Of Competition Takes Time To Get Used To

When you first start competing Kevin Durant Jersey , every golf shot will be one that you absolutely must do well at. Your only thoughts are winning the tournament and every shot counts.

This additional pressure will probably do more harm than good when you first start entering golf competitions.

A good analogy is to compare competing in golf the same as lifting weights. When you first start exercising, the weights are very heavy and your muscles become very sore. However, in time you know what to expect when hitting the gym and you start to build stronger and stronger muscles.

Just like your body gets stronger from more and more exposure to weights, you can experience the same mental strength from playing golf on a co. Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys China   Jerseys Wholsale   Jerseys Wholesale   Jerseys Free Shipping   Soccer Jerseys China   New NBA Jerseys From China   Baseball Jerseys Wholesale   Authentic NBA Jerseys Online   Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap

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