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leave the rooms as clean as they were before your family arrived and

by Grandesso Federico http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , Yan Lei and Zhang Yunlong

BRUSSELS, July 9 (Xinhua) -- More competition, more cultural exchanges and the adoption of modern business model are necessary to make Chinese culture go global, European cultural experts say.

They made the remarks during recent interviews with Xinhua on how China can better promote inter-civilization activities in culture and boost Chinese culture's acceptance overseas.


Paul Dujardin, chief executive officer and artistic director of the Palace of Fine Arts http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/ , known as the Bozar, one of the best-known cultural establishments in Belgium, said if the Chinese cultural institutions want to grow in the global cultural world they have to be open to competition, not only with the other countries but also with overseas Chinese communities.

Another important aspect is to preserve, according to the Belgian expert.

China should learn better the idea of collecting http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , creating museums and keeping cultural heritage, he said. "I think there will be a moment in China when they will learn again these traditions and that Chinese culture should not adapt to European culture and should develop more also in Asia."


More cultural exchanges are essential, Dujardin said.

"The central issue is the people," he said, suggesting that China's cultural circles should try to establish relations with the around 1000 small cultural festivals in Europe http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , "developing a network (with overseas cultural tis) not only in Shanghai and Beijing but all over China."

He said that efforts should be made to create a creative exchange with the citizens in all the levels and in all performing arts. "Theater and dance should be seen in a more global way."

By creating a cultural parallel between Europe and China, the public will feel more closely related to the Chinese cultural performance, according to the Bozar CEO.

He added that in order to support a cultural initiative, it's important to seek support of big Chinese banks and media in Europe. "Of course, the best combination is always with private and public partnership."


Some European cultural experts believe that Chinese culture groups http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , in particular those in music performance industry, should adopt more modern business model.

Alex Stevens, spokesman for DOUR festival, which will hold its 26th annual event this summer and is expected to attract thousands of audiences, said that Chinese music groups can participate in more European festivals to gain celebrity.

Stevens said the DOUR festival has invited music groups from all over world but they are relatively lack of knowledge for Chinese music groups http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ ,particularly in modern music area.

He also noted that organizers of major festivals like DOUR value audiences' taste and favor above all. "Booking music in Dour is not only about marketing or just advertising."

In his opinion, many Chinese music groups that are potentially good both for quality and business values have not yet gained European audience's attention and love.

On promoting the brand of Chinese cultural groups in Europe,Janis van Lokven,director of Marketing Communication for Mojo Concerts A Live Nation Company,a Dutch music performance organizer urged Chinese groups to consider cooperating with Europe's local professional agent for marketing and advertising.

Is there such thing as a free vacation? Of course not! However http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , did you know that there is such a thing as free accommodation?

You receive a call from a travel agency and they are currently offering a free vacation package or they say you won free plane tickets to an exotic location. You hear about this all the time and usually you also find out after the fact that it was all some sort of travel or vacation scam.

The economy is bad and you are already hesitant to go away on vacation, yet you know the hazards of not taking that much needed time off. So you book your trip, you pay your deposit, you hop on a flight, and your nightmare begins! Do not let this happen to you!

You hear about them http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , you some times even unknowingly provide them with the information that they need to contact you. You fill out a form, enter a draw, buy some sort of lottery ticket, or just fill out a questionnaire and suddenly there they are on the other end of the line trying to relieve you of your hard earned money. Do not be fooled nothing is free, but there are ways of saving a significant amount of money on your family vacations.

Did you know that many countries offer free lodging to travelers? Some cultures do that because of religious and charitable ideals while others do it because they believe that they can benefit from knowing you and your culture. One of the most common places to get free accommodation is through Monasteries in countries like Italy http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/S … ft-Jersey/ , France and Spain.

Several monastic orders define hospitalitycharity as one of their vows and they are only too happy to accommodate you for a night or two. Remember, these monasteries are usually in the rural areas and you may still need to give them a token gift but it is a wonderful lesson for our family to see how people can live with so little stuff and still be contented in life. This stay may save your family millions later in life because of the lessons learned in frugality.

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